Belmont Street Fair Vendor Applications now available!

Vendors! We’d love to have you join us at the 21st Annual Belmont Street Fair, Saturday September 10th.  

Please see our Eventbrite page for more information on the Fair:



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2nd Annual Pocket Grant Program

grants imageOur district benefits greatly from the overall district improvement grants provided by Venture Portland each year.  So much so that we decided last year to provide a similar grant program to groups of businesses in our district through the pocket grants program.

We have pockets to our district.  We are not just one street with businesses back to back.  Our district spreads from 12th to 60th on and near Belmont, Morrison and Stark.

This grant program, now in its second year, offers up to $500 per project, and is meant to be a straight forward way to:
– Help fund a joint marketing mailer or other joint marketing effort.
– Provide seed money for a collaborative event like a Summer block party.
– Fund area improvements such as graffiti removal, landscaping, bike racks, etc that affect multiple businesses.
Basically, to give the needed boost that helps get a valuable project started and well funded for success.
To apply for a grant:
1) Have at least three businesses (near by each other or in the same business category) involved in the planning and execution of the project.
2) Propose a project that can be completed in August – November of 2016 that directly helps more than one business and, indirectly, the district as a whole.
4) Submit this grant application for an event or project by email by Wednesday, June 8th.
5) Show planned in-kind and cash contributions from the involved businesses that are at least half of the grant amount requested.
Grants will be awarded and funds available by July 1st.  Please do not submit for a project that happens in July or that you would need an answer on funds before July 1st.
Preference will be given to projects led and supported by active BABA member businesses.  We are looking forward to involving businesses that have not yet been members or are not currently members.  Becoming members as you apply for the grant is helpful.
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A Village Approach to the BBB

Every month we do our best to find a great corner of the district for the BBB – Belmont Business Beverage – a chance to gather up for networking and relaxing and getting to know each other better.  

AAEAAQAAAAAAAARSAAAAJGUyZGQ1YTZjLTMwY2UtNGU5NC05OGYxLTU0MTk2MDdhMzIyNAThis month, we all get to enter a village, Laurelhurst Village, and see what goes on in the assisted living community while we enjoy complimentary beer and wine served along with appetizers from Laurelhurst Villages own chef.  There will be give-aways and tours for anyone who’s interested.

Business owners, managers, staff, clients and service providers for district businesses are all welcome to spend an evening in the Laurelhurst Village Courtyard with the Belmont Business Association’s all volunteer board as we do our part to help make our district a better place . . . one business connection at at time.

Hope to see you there!  

Thursday, May 26th – 5-7pn

Laurelhurst Village 

3060 SE Stark

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