Belmont Has A New Sandwich Shop!

Welcome Rendez Vous eatery and bar . . . newest place to eat in the Belmont Business District.FullSizeRender

This great spot is tucked away on a shady street just off Belmont.  Come check it out on 34th between Belmont and Morrison just across from the Side Street Cafe.

Already featured on PDX Eater.  Check it out!

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Two main things can block small businesses from working together on beneficial projects: time and cost. 
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This grant program, offering up to $500 per project, is modeled after the grant process BABA goes through to receive funds from Venture Portland and is meant to be a straight forward way to help businesses from 12th to 60th on and near Belmont, Morrison and Stark work together to:
- Help fund a joint marketing mailer or other joint marketing effort.
- Provide seed money for a collaborative event like a Summer block party.
- Fund area improvements such as graffiti removal, landscaping, bike racks, etc that affect multiple businesses.
Basically, to give the needed boost that helps get a valuable project started and well funded for success.
What businesses need to do to apply for a grant:
1) Have at least three Belmont Area businesses (near by each other or in the same business category) involved in the planning and execution of the project.
2) Propose a project that can be completed in the summer or fall of 2015 that directly helps more than one business and, indirectly, the district as a whole.
3) Send an email, before the grant application deadline, to letting her know you are looking into or planning to submit a grant by the deadline.
4) Fill out the grant application Karen provides for an event or project by email by Thursday, June 4th.
5) Show planned in-kind and cash contributions from the involved businesses that are at least half of the grant amount requested.
Grants will be awarded and funds available by July 1st.
Preference will be given to projects led and supported by active BABA member businesses.  We are looking forward to involving businesses that have not yet been members or are not currently members.  Becoming members as you apply for the grant is helpful.
You can check out information about BABA membership here
Don’t hesitate to ask by phone, (503) 407-2667, or email,, if you have any questions.  Our goal is to have an easy to access process and to get funds out into the district helping businesses do what you do best!


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Politics in the Back Room

Our monthly BBB (Belmont Business Beverage) moves all over the district.  This month, we are checking out the secret bar at Circa 33 on Belmont and sharing what’s important to business owners and managers with district 42 State Representative Rob Nosse.circa drink

Join us for a no-host social networking night, Thursday, April 30th 5-7pm.  Rob Nosse will join us 5:30-6:30.  Many issues, such as how criminal history is handled in job interviews, are being addressed both at the city and state level right now.

Come to check out Circa 33’s hidden bar, meet other businesses and business providers and bring your unique Portland perspective to the table.    

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